The Gissy factory was founded in the heart of Fermo brand. On the hills and sea sight lies hardworking people of Fermo who knows how to make their work a passion. Until a few decades ago, every house had a laboratory and each garage had an artisan store. The know-how of the expert artisans has contributed to the economic and civil development of the district and the birth of large, medium and small business initiatives. It is a district where the production chains remain intact, there is love for the product and handmade accessories. As one of our most perceptive economists, Carlo M. Cipolla, said: “in the shadow of the bell towers, make beautiful things that please the world.” Mariano Paoletti, Gisella Torresi are the founders of Gissy Company, relying on their forty years of experience they have implemented the words of the well-known economist and live their job as a mission, a mission that has the aim of creating beautiful things. The key words echoing in the rooms of the Marche region homes are: Beauty, Quality, and Craftsmanship. Each accessory is unique and precious. It is the balance between the past and future that guides our corporate entourage and transformed in love for the quality and craftsmanship of the product, taking care of every small parts, the selection and choice of high quality leather and precious materials. Nothing is chosen in random, everything is regulated with order and creativity. Two young sons; Riccardo and Alessandro have collected the legacy of their parents. They are involved in the business with care and sacrifice, they go through various business functions for a distant future generational change.