Process of product

We developed the product from concept to completion. There are so many stages of footwear production, in each there is a magical quid that wonders the external observer’s eyes. So many skilful hands with so much love follow the footwear production line. The gestures that are repeated, are never the same. The astonishment of a piece of wood, here begins from the stump. The stump reminds ancient histories, fairy tales of childhood. From idea to stump and to design. Love for design: large, small, wide, narrow. All rigorously in wood. Even one millimetre has its importance in shaping. From design comes a sample and the sample translates the idea. The next step is the cutting of the leather. Each factory has its own warehouse full of wonders: various leather colours, in different cuts and shaved, smooth, soft or rigid, all very precious.


Experts cut the leather. The leather cutter is a central figure in every factory. From cutting to the assembly stages of the shoe takes place here in this factory, there is still an old teacher places the nails and then mark them out on the shoe. The last stages have evocative names: skiving, hemming, carding, bonding, marking and interludes.
It is a long journey with patience and attention, waiting for output. Whole stages of production are done by hand, with skill and love, without indulging in the monotony, and always vigilant, careful and impassioned. This is the journey of beginners who love shoes, shoes as a metaphor, as an emblem and as a symbol. A pair of footwear tells much about the person who is wearing it.

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